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3d Modelling / Sculpting Services

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Here at GT3D Animation Studio we take pride in our ability to build and construct models to a wide variety of target mediums. Our own extensive library of models are all of a very high quality and can be quickly adapted to fit within new project parameters. New trends and techniques are constantly monitored and large amounts of research on subject material is done so that we can extract the best possible result within a short timeframe. Following the current trends for ultimate levels of detail in models we are constantly pursuing new ways to adapt to new methods and provide rich geometry content for use in all areas of computer graphics. Having worked on Film, Game and Television projects we are geared to supply any component of model construction.

About our Modelling Department...

We take great pride in all of our modelling endeavours and over the years have adopted procedures to generate complex replicas of real world objects that can be produced within a very short amount of time. On many projects we have achieved the impossible either by producing what does not exist or replicating what does. When it comes to the modelling of our Characters we go above and beyond the standard process of 'just producing some geometry'. Knowing what is behind the scenes driving any character geometry is paramount to achieveing a successfully rigged character. This knowledge combined with a character's 'history' allows our artists to think beyond just another model. Having a background that spans the existence of surface modelling we can provide expertise in the three major surface types being Nurbs, Polygons and SubDivision Surfaces. This ensures that our artists are better able to decide on what method is best applicable to a given task.

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As part of a very large restructuring process we have recently shutdown all Website Design services. We are replacing this service with Game Development.

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