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Characters, Rigging, and Animation

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Creating usable and lovable characters is at the core of our animation services. We are of the belief that to animate the character you must become the character. This means that all characters are assigned to an individual instead of a team of people. By utilising this methodology we can provide more believable characters that the audience can become attached to. Large amounts of time are alotted to the initial concept and design for all characters. We always endeavour to achieve a high degree with depth-of-character as this is essential for developing character history which is at the centre of personality development. In this fashion we are better able to identify any key areas of importance before we start actual production and incorporating avatars into shots.

What Makes it Tick?

Due to the ever-changing nature of the technology that drives our 3d characters we construct each one in a manner that allows both the director and animator to achieve results that are both robust and expandable. To any artist each character is a new addition to the family so we constantly monitor the usability of all rigs whenever big changes occur in the underlying development pipeline.

One of the great benefits of our 3d Character services is the attachment or bond created between the artist / animator and the actual character itself. Injecting a part of themselves is almost standard practice and we are driven to push the boundaries at all times. There is nothing more rewarding than starting with an idea and taking it to a point where you can breathe life into it and watch it live. Even the smallest and simplest avatar is treated with great enthusiasm.

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