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Visual Effects and Animation

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At GT3D Animation Studio we have a drive for imagination plus many years of experience in modelling and animating everything from Architecture to Transportation. Our studio has a history of delivering quality animation content for Film, Games and Broadcast Television productions.

Whether it is a branding of a corporate identity, product promotions, product assembly or usage, GT3D Animation Studio is able to ensure that all animations are both rich in detail and capture the essence of the project or shot. However, there is another big difference in the way we approach animation and that is to ensure advanced levels of usabilty whilst planning for the potenial of enhancements or severe changes in story or overall job structure. This makes it easier for our artists and animators to adapt to requests from directors and cg supervisors.

Trends & Techniques

Over the last few years we have also made some major advancements in visual effects thus allowing us to provide greater degrees of realism in all projects. Production of realistic visual effects whether they be extremely subtle or high impact is always an intense endeavour. We can deliver Cg effects such as the Elements, many types of Liquids and Gaseous substances, or anything inbetween. We have developed many sophisticated procedures that allow us to recreate almost any visual effect. Our Virtual Sets and Props allow for a better control within a simulated environment, thus providing a highly adaptable and changeable solution.

The majority of most recent development in the realms of computer generated visual effects have been in demolition and destruction based off physical forces and the elements. We currently provide testing and graphical support to two major software developers in this field and have recently completed some basic demolition work on an upcoming feature film. Currently we have the experience and skills required to plan and complete many types of demolition sequences and can ouput final data in a variety of ways. This means that we can take a project from start to finish or simply provide baked simulations for external development.

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As part of a very large restructuring process we have recently shutdown all Website Design services. We are replacing this service with Game Development.

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