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About GT3D Animation Studio

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GT3D Animation Studio was founded by Graham Thompson at the time that Computer Graphics (Cg) was actually possible on a personal computer. As a veteran cg artist Graham has driven the company to a level of professionalism that is recognised internationally. By maintaining a robust pipeline throughout production GT3D is able to deliver a unique contribution to almost any production. We have spent a long time working within industry related software so that we can provide a high level of expertise across a broad range of services.

About Our Studio Facility...

Primarily a character-oriented animation studio, GT3D has continued to push the envelope and develop greater degrees of technical ability in all areas of computer generated animation and visual effects. More recent activites have been in the direction of demolition and destruction utilising well-known and commercially available software as well as assisting software developers for upcoming software releases. Having a facility that is more artist-driven we can provide a unique insight into how software can work and on many occasions we have supported other companies within the industry by adding a touch of artistic expertise to their products.

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As part of a very large restructuring process we have recently shutdown all Website Design services. We are replacing this service with Game Development.

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